Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspirational Links: October 16 - 22

What inspires you?
Five thought-inspiring things found online last week. 

Browse the entries in this classic-art-remake challenge sponsored by BOOOOOOOM! and Adobe. Across the board they’re remarkably inventive while staying true to their roots. Test your art history prowess while you’re at it! How many originals do you recognize? [via BOOOOOOOM!]

Richard Serra’s Verb List (1967-68) struck me when I saw it this summer at the Met. (That retrospective is now at the SFMoMA, and it’s worth a visit if you’re in SF.) Since Verb List is a new acquisition for MoMA’s Dept of Drawings, it came up again in the blog-o-sphere this week. Read it aloud to yourself. Feel the energy. Act!  [via INSIDE/OUT]
Calligrapher/typographer Sabeena Karnik sculpted the alphabet out of vibrant, swirling paper. Wouldn't they be perfect on a playroom wall?! [via Behance]

I want to buy this Psalt Bubble Fish Tank and keep it on a shelf high above eye level. I’m not sure exactly why… [via designboom]
David Rockwell discusses How Good Buildings Happen with Architizer's Marc Kushner. Rockwell and his team are driven by curiosity and solving problems. He says, “From the air this city looks like this very neat organized Cartesian grid, but on the ground it’s this incredibly messy, vital, ever-changing opportunity for good design and bad design.”  Lucky for us New Yorkers Rockwell gives us the former with the new Film Society of Lincoln Center. [via Architizer]    
How Good Buildings Happen - David Rockwell from MAS on Vimeo.

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