Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspirational Links: Oct 23 – 29

What inspires you?
Five thought-inspiring things found online last week. 

First of all, this flexible cover for the November issue of design magazine Novum is awesome. Secondly, the elaborate production process revealed in this making-of video is totally incredible. Kudos to design firm Paperlux! [via Laughing Squid]
Light drawings are made by photographing a moving light in darkness. Sounds simple enough, but how does artist Brian Matthew Hart achieve these incredible results?! Please explain. [via illusion]
Getting creative with Halloween costumes is always inspiring, especially the DIY variety. I love this newsprint ensemble (complete with logo necklace!) by Tawfik Mounayer of Tribune Standard. [via T, NYTimes Style Magazine]
The designers at HappyCentro were challenged to create a cover for Domenica (the national Italian newspaper) that was about food without using real food. I might have fashioned something with Fimo. What would you have done? HappyCentro came up with these paper fruits and veggies. They are chic and sleek and adorable, and I want them! [via Plenty of Colour]

With her series of Posters for Girls, Amanda Visell hopes to “show girls they can do anything.” Yes we can! [via oh dee doh]
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