Saturday, October 8, 2011

Huntington Ave – MFA Boston Getaway – Clock & Contemporary Art Wing

We were in the midst of a freezing cold winter here in NYC when Christian Marclay’s 24-hour video installation, The Clock, was screening at Paula Cooper. Still, despite inclimate weather, the lines wrapped around the block. If you missed it (or if you can’t wait to see it again!), take advantage of the holiday weekend and head up to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for a screening. The Clock is an astonishing 24-hour-long film, comprised of footage from countless sources, which functions as a working timepiece. It is nearly impossible to do this work justice with a description. Just watch it for any length of time and you’ll be delightfully baffled. If you’re really daring, take part in the MFA’s special 24-hour screening (4pm Oct 9th - 4pm Oct 10th).   

The Clock exhibition coincides with the opening of the fantastic new Linde Family Wing of Contemporary Art. Truthfully, this new wing is reason enough to make the trip (especially since MoMA just acquired a copy of The Clock). Climbing the main staircase, you are greeted by Tracey Emin’s With You I Breathe. It is quite literally a sign that the visitor’s experience is a vital component of this space. Jonathan Borofsky’s I Dreamed I Could Fly hangs overhead, submerging you in art. As you move through the galleries it is clear that they have been designed to enhance your interaction with the artwork. What a warm welcome! 
Wondering what's for lunch? There’s plenty of good upscale dining at the MFA, and Garden Cafeteria in the Linde wing keeps it casual with fresh, tasty paninis/soups/salads. Head across the street to University House of Pizza if the fresh New England air has you feeling nostalgic for the days of local suburban grub. One sweet, doughy slice will bring you right back! 

Venue: MFA Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Artists: Christian Marclay, Tracey Emin, Jonathan Borofsky
Streets: Huntington & Fenway Aves, Boston, MA
Eats: Garden Cafeteria, University House of Pizza

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