Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspirational Links: September 18-24, 2011

What inspires you? 
Five thought-inspiring things found online last week. 

New York street artist James De La Vega has a new collaboration with Tory Burch. All items benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which provides economic opportunities for women and their families in the United States. "YOU ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT."
Myoung Ho Lee photographs real objects (trees in this series) with canvases hanging behind them. Like shooting sculpture against a white wall for an exhibition catalogue, Lee uses the canvas as a way to highlight the intricate detail of the "artwork" that is the tree. [via Let Me Draw You a Picture

Pakayla Raw Biehn suffers from a vision impairment that prevents her eyes from focusing on a single point. She uses this double vision to paint incredible photorealistic paintings that look hauntingly like double exposures. [via Design Taxi]
Dominique Falla’s We are All a Part of the Same Thing. As chronicled on her blog, it is made of colorful thread strategically woven through a grid of nails, and she created it for the 2011 Positive Posters contest. Positive Posters' mission is to highlight international social issues. Peruse the top-rated contest entries here. [via designworklife]
There have been a flurry of time lapse videos from the International Space Station all over the interweb. Have you been watching? This footage is unbelievable. This video ends with a game of chicken between the sun and your eyes. It grows brighter and brighter and brighter until... [via GOOD (one of my all time favorite magazines)]
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